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Milbona High Protein Drink Review

As someone who’s always on the lookout for effective and tasty ways to up my protein intake, I couldn’t resist trying out Milbona’s High Protein Drink from Lidl.

In this article, I’ll share my honest experience with this product, delving into everything from its taste and nutritional content to how it fits into a busy lifestyle.

I’ve tried my fair share of protein drinks over the years, and I know how challenging it can be to find one that ticks all the boxes: great taste, the right nutritional balance, and something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just chugging down a science experiment. 

In the next sections, I’ll take you through my personal journey with this drink, from the first sip to how it’s become a part of my fitness routine.

Whether you’re a gym enthusiast, a busy professional looking for a quick protein fix, or just curious about this product, I hope my experience provides you with the insights you need. 

Let’s find out if Milbona’s High Protein Drink is as good as it claims to be.

Video Review

Don’t have time to read through the entire article right now?

You’re missing out, but check out our overview video review which you can watch or listen to in just 2 minutes and 42 seconds to help you find out if Lidl’s Milbona High Protein Drinks are for you.

If you’ve got a little more time on your hands it’s worth reading the full article where we delve deeper into this handy protein boost.

Where Can I Buy Milbona High Protein Drinks?

Milbona High Protein drinks on the shelves in Lidl.

If you’re in the UK and keen to give Milbona High Protein Drinks a try, you’re in luck. These drinks are readily available at Lidl, a popular supermarket chain known for its quality products at affordable prices. 

I remember the first time I spotted them on the shelf – it was almost like finding a hidden gem among the usual array of beverages.

Lidl stores are scattered across the UK, so finding one shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you’re in a big city or a smaller town, there’s a good chance you have a Lidl nearby. 

I personally love the convenience of picking up a few bottles during my regular shopping. It saves me the extra trip to a speciality health store or the wait for an online order.

The best part? The price point at Lidl is just right.

In my experience, protein supplements can often put a dent in your wallet, but Milbona’s drinks are priced in a way that makes them accessible without compromising on quality. 

So, next time you’re at Lidl, keep an eye out for these protein drinks. Whether you’re after a post-workout boost or just want a protein-rich snack, they’re a fantastic option to add to your shopping cart.

Can’t make it to Lidl? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out Bulk Whey Protein as an excellent alternative.

Milbona High Protein Drink: What’s In It?

Ingredients list of the Milbona High Protein Drinks.

As someone who’s always on the lookout for a good protein boost, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various protein drinks. But let me tell you, Milbona’s High Protein Drink stands out, especially for those of us who might have a bit of a sensitive stomach with regular protein shakes.

The magic of this drink lies in its ingredients. 

At its core, it’s made up of skimmed milk and milk protein – a great foundation for any protein drink. But what really sets it apart is the inclusion of flavourings and stabilisers that not only enhance its taste but also contribute to its smooth texture. 

Here’s a neat breakdown of these components:

Skimmed MilkProtein source, low in fat
Milk ProteinHigh-quality protein source
CarotenesNatural colouring
CarrageenanStabiliser for texture
Acesulfame KCalorie-free sweetener
SucraloseAnother calorie-free sweetener
LactaseEnzyme to reduce lactose content

Depending on the flavour you choose, there’s either banana powder or chocolate powder added in. These not only impart a natural and delightful taste but also ensure you’re not getting bored with the same old vanilla flavours that flood the market.

Now, here’s the clincher: the drink is lactose-free. This is a game-changer for someone like me and many others who find that typical protein shakes can wreak havoc on our stomachs. 

If you’re lactose intolerant or simply find that regular protein shakes don’t agree with you, Milbona’s High Protein Drink could be your new go-to post-workout beverage. 

It’s brilliant for its stomach-friendly profile while still packing that protein punch we all need.

My Initial Thoughts Of The Milbona High Protein Drinks

Open bottle of Milbona High Protein drink with a glass next to it.

Let’s get straight to the point: Milbona High Protein Drinks are a fantastic deal.

Priced at a mere 79p for the 20g protein option and just 99p for the 35g version, these shakes are not just pocket-friendly but also pack a real punch in terms of taste and quality.

The 20g Protein Shake – Banana and Coffee Latte Flavours

My personal dive into the world of Milbona started with the 20g protein shake, particularly the banana flavour. Being a bit of a banana protein shake enthusiast, I had high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The flavour was spot on – not too artificial, just the right amount of sweetness, and perfectly creamy.

It’s exactly what you need after a good workout.

My training partner, on the other hand, opted for the coffee latte flavour. He’s now a dedicated fan, swearing off other flavours entirely!

According to him, it’s the perfect blend of coffee and protein, without that chalky aftertaste that some protein shakes have.

The 35g Protein Shake – Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours

Now, moving on to the 35g Milbona high protein shakes. At 99p, it’s still an incredible bargain. 

The vanilla flavour is smooth and satisfying, but it’s the chocolate flavour that really stands out for me. It tastes more like a treat than a typical protein shake – rich, chocolatey, and not overly sweet.

It’s the kind of shake you look forward to drinking, not just something you chug down for the sake of nutrition.

In summary, both the 20g and 35g options have left me thoroughly impressed. They’ve managed to strike that elusive balance between taste, nutrition, and affordability

Whether you’re a gym-goer, a casual fitness enthusiast, or just someone looking for a quick protein fix, Milbona’s High Protein Drinks are definitely worth a try.

What Do Milbona High Protein Drinks Taste Like?

Two Milbona High Protein drinks next to each other.

When it comes to the taste of Milbona High Protein Drinks, they truly stand out in the market. These drinks strike a perfect balance with their flavours, being delightful without being excessively sweet, a common pitfall in many protein drinks. 

Each flavour, be it banana, coffee latte, vanilla, or chocolate, offers a unique and satisfying taste experience. They avoid that artificial tang that can be so off-putting in protein supplements, making them a joy to consume.

However, as much as I enjoy these flavours, I find myself wishing for more variety.

The range is somewhat limited, and while what’s available is excellent, the addition of flavours like chocolate peanut or a classic strawberry would be welcome. 

It’s somewhat surprising, especially considering the popularity of strawberry in protein drinks, that this flavour isn’t already part of their lineup.

The texture of these drinks also deserves mention. 

The 35g protein version is noticeably thicker than its 20g counterpart, which is expected given the higher protein content. But it’s not an unpleasant thickness – it’s just something to be aware of if you’re switching between the two. 

What’s particularly impressive is how they’ve managed to avoid any lumpiness, and there’s no chemical aftertaste that can often ruin the experience of a protein drink.

Overall, Milbona High Protein Drinks are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a tasty, satisfying, and affordable protein supplement.

While I hope for more variety in their flavour offerings in the future, I’m thoroughly satisfied with their current range and the quality they deliver.

The Macros Of Milbona High Protein Drink

Milbona High Protein drinks on the shelf of Lidl.

Here’s a macronutrient breakdown of the Milbona High Protein Drink from Lidl:

Milbona High Protein Drink (20g Protein Version – 250ml Serving)

NutrientPer 250ml Serving
Energy132 kcal
– of which saturates0.2g
– of which sugars12g

Milbona High Protein Drink (35g Protein Version – 332ml Serving)

NutrientPer 332ml Serving
Energy224 kcal
– of which saturates0.6g
– of which sugars17g

These tables provide a detailed breakdown of the macronutrients for both the 20g protein and 35g protein versions of the Milbona High Protein Drink, in their respective serving sizes. 

In my opinion, you can’t buy another protein shake for such excellent value, and when you factor in the taste, it’s a no brainer.

Milbona High Protein Drink FAQ

Is Milbona High Protein Drink suitable for those with lactose intolerance?

Absolutely! One of the best features of Milbona High Protein Drinks is that they are lactose-free. This makes them a fantastic option for anyone with lactose intolerance or those who usually experience discomfort from regular protein shakes. 

But you’ll need to choose the 20g version as it’s the only one that’s lactose free.

It’s great for keeping your protein intake up without any of the usual digestive issues.

How many flavours are available and what are they?

Currently, there are four flavours available.

The 20g protein drink comes in banana and coffee latte flavours, offering a delightful variety for different tastes. If you’re opting for the 35g protein drink, you can choose between vanilla and chocolate

Each flavour is distinct and enjoyable, providing a good range to suit different preferences.

What’s the price range of these protein drinks?

These drinks are incredibly wallet-friendly. The 20g protein option is priced at just 79p, while the more substantial 35g protein drink is available at 99p. 

This pricing makes Milbona High Protein Drinks not only a nutritious choice but also a budget-friendly one, especially considering their high quality and great taste.

Are there any artificial sweeteners or flavours in these drinks?

While Milbona High Protein Drinks do contain some sweeteners like acesulfame K and sucralose, they are calorie-free and help in enhancing the taste without adding extra calories.

As for flavours, they are designed to taste natural, avoiding that synthetic feel. This balance of sweetness and natural flavouring makes the drinks enjoyable and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

However, if you’re trying to avoid artificial sweeteners then these won’t be for you.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Milbona High Protein Drinks are a standout choice for anyone seeking a nutritious, delicious, and affordable protein supplement. 

They cater to various dietary needs, having a lactose-free option and come in a range of flavours – banana, coffee latte, vanilla, chocolate and now strawberry – each offering a unique and satisfying taste experience. 

The drinks are budget-friendly, with the 20g protein option priced at 79p and the 35g at 99p, making them accessible for regular use.

What sets these drinks apart is their balance of natural flavouring and sweetness, without the unpleasant artificial aftertaste common in many protein supplements.

The only minor negative is their relatively high sugar content (17g on their 35g protein option) and the fact they use artificial sweeteners including acesulfame K and sucralose.

Whether you’re dealing with lactose intolerance, looking for a tasty post-workout drink, or just need a protein boost, Milbona High Protein Drinks are an excellent choice if you don’t mind artificial sweetener.

They blend quality, taste, and value in a way that’s hard to beat. I love them!

10 thoughts on “Milbona High Protein Drink Review”

  1. A great, informative , review ! I have used other protein shakes for years, especially when doing long road trips. Travelling long distances offers great sandwich stops ( especially in Europe) but does nothing for the waistline so the car gets loaded with my ‘ liquid lunch’ instead!
    Lidl is my regular supermarket and I tried the Milbona Strawberry Protein Drink today and it was super. A much better flavour than previous varieties and no aftertaste . Hopefully the European stores are also stocking them.

    1. Hi Angie,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s much appreciated. They’re definitely convenient especially as Lidl can be found almost everywhere in the UK.

      Let’s hope they stock them in Europe for you soon!

  2. I usually buy the 35g protein ones and they’ve gone up 20% in price, I can only find them for £1.19p now.

    Would be great to compare price per gram of protein to the yogurts they sell, for example their High protein Greek style yogurt with 55g of protein and no extras in the natural version.

    Drink = 1.19 / 35 = 0.034p per gram of protein.
    Yogurt = 1.49/ 55 = 0.027p per gram of protein.

    The yogurt has the added benefit of no additives and no added sugars, i am sure you can blend it into a drinkable format, or try it with their Chunky nut cereal for a good breakfast, downsides from my usage is it is very tangy and not as palatable as the drink, all those additives in the drink is there for a reason, I personally feel like it is worth the trade-off as we learn more about how bad ultra-processed food is for us.

    It is made by the Ubley Company, which is basically Yeo Valley, not sure the milk used is organic but their other similar product I could find to compare has the following disclaimer;

    “Yeo Valley Organic milk, and natural yogurts all fall under the minimally processed and natural foods categories. Even our 0% fat range has no added sweeteners or sugar.

    the Yeo Valley version is here if you want to compare, it is £2 in tesco with club card but retails at double at other supermarkets –

    1. Hi,

      You make some great points and working out the price per gram of protein completely makes sense.

      I agree with you about the more natural options. As you say the problem is taste versus health.

      I think initially moving to the more natural options is difficult because your palate is accustomed to sweet, salty or other tastes of the more appealing options but after a while you do get used to them.

      The same like coffee or tea drinkers who stop using sugar, after a few days/weeks the taste becomes the base.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, this was some really useful input.

  3. Hi,

    Do we know what source of protein this comes from.

    Just had a FUE Transplant and was told to stay away from Whey Concentrate. Isolate is fine.

    Does this fit in any of these categories ?

    1. Hi Lewis,

      Unfortunately it doesn’t specify, I would guess it would be concentrate. Might be a safer bet to buy some isolate powder and mix it yourself to be on the safe side.

      Good luck with the transplant.

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