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Warrior Creatine Review: A Performance & Taste Test

Warrior Creatine

8 out of 10

Warrior Creatine is a dietary supplement designed to improve physical performance, muscle recovery, and strength by increasing phosphocreatine levels, thereby aiding high-intensity exercise and weightlifting efforts.

7 out of 10
Nice but not to everyone's liking.
9 out of 10
Mixed well.
8 out of 10
Good choice of options.
8 out of 10
Comparable to other market options.


Great tasting

Good flavour range

Mixes well

Decent price


No subtle flavour options

As a fitness fanatic, a muscle-bound connoisseur if you will, I’ve seen products come and go, claiming to be the holy grail of muscle development. 

Today, my friends, we’re delving into the gritty details of a much-hyped product that’s been causing quite the stir in our workout world: Warrior Creatine or ‘Warrior Essentials Creatine‘ as it’s sometimes called.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me just say this: I’m not one to shy away from a good workout supplement, far from it.

I’m always on the hunt for the latest, greatest, and most effective ways to maximise my gains and push my performance to the limit.

And when I heard the rumbles about Warrior Creatine, I thought to myself, “I’ve got to give this a fair go.”

So, here we are, embarking on a comprehensive review of this particular brand of creatine. You’ve probably been hit with flashy adverts promising a ripped physique and unstoppable energy levels. 

But the question is, can it truly live up to these grandiose claims? Or is it just another Dud, packed with nothing more than false promises and underwhelming results?

I won’t beat around the bush: in this review, I’m not just going to regurgitate the manufacturer’s promises. Oh no. 

We’re going to put Warrior Creatine under the microscope, scrutinise the ingredients, analyse the benefits and side effects, and assess its overall value for money. 

I’ve been using this product myself over the past few months to give you an honest, first-hand account of its effects because there’s nothing more reliable than an experience-backed review.

Warrior Creatine: What Does It Mix Like?

Warrior Creatine next to a glass of water

I must confess I was genuinely astounded by Warrior Creatine’s mixability. From personal experience, this product mixes exceptionally well. 

With just a spoon and a glass, a simplicity that appeals to me greatly, I was left with practically no residue. 

Now, you’d think I’d be chuffed to bits with just that, but there’s more. The first time I saw the shocking blue colour, I was taken aback.

There was something electric about it, as if I’d suddenly become a part of a superhero saga, about to gulp down my power serum. 

Now, I’m not one to usually pay much mind to the colour of my supplements, but this felt surprisingly apt given the potent benefits of creatine. It gave me a bit of a chuckle and a lift before my workout.

If you’re not after bright ‘false’ type colours then this probably isn’t for you. 

So, in my honest opinion, not only does it deliver in terms of mixability, but also in adding a dash of fun and fancy to the otherwise monotonous routine of taking supplements.

Warrior Creatine: Does It Taste Nice?

Warrior Creatine inside the tub with scoop.

Warrior Creatine tastes excellent. 

I chose the Blue Razz flavour, which is usually one of the better-tasting flavours available when it comes to sports supplements.

When it came to the Warrior Creatine flavour, I was honestly braced for a concoction as intense as its colour, yet, to my surprise, it had a rather subtle taste, neither overpoweringly sweet nor bitterly medicinal, which is quite a relief. 

It was almost like sipping a mildly flavoured, refreshing drink.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted – it’s no fruit smoothie, after all – but for a creatine supplement, it’s more than palatable and something I’d happily incorporate into my daily routine. 

It’s certainly far from the dredges I’ve come across in the supplement world, making this ‘super-hero serum’ not only powerful in its effects but also rather pleasant on the palate.

What Flavours Of Warrior Creatine Are There?

Warrior Creatine savage strawberry flavour tub

Delving into the flavours of Warrior Creatine, you’d be met with an eclectic mix to choose from. They offer a solid variety, and occasionally delight us with tantalising limited-time additions. 

Now, as a certified creatine connoisseur, I have my personal favourites and less-favoured ones. 

For me, nothing can quite top the zing and energy of Blue Razz; it’s got the right balance of sweet and tart that keeps my palate invigorated and my workouts intense. Following closely is the Savage Strawberry, which brings a ripe and robust berry hit to my pre-workout regime.

Interestingly, my training partner swears by Blazin Berry. Though I respect the taste preferences of my gym buddy, I find that it doesn’t quite strike the same chord with me.

However, don’t let that dissuade you, we all have our unique taste profiles.

Warrior Creatine occasionally mixes things up with a limited-edition flavour, such as Killer Cotton Candy. Now, as someone who’s usually all for bold flavours, I did find this a tad too sweet for my liking. Still, for those with a sweet tooth, it could be a game-changer.

Lastly, for those who appreciate the fundamentals, the unflavoured variant comes in quite handy. Having tried it out, I found it to be exactly what it promises – a high-quality creatine supplement that seamlessly blends into any drink without altering the taste.

It’s also a couple of quid cheaper to go flavourless, so if you’re likely to be downing copious amounts of creatine, this saving could start to add up.

Honestly, it’s a straightforward, no-nonsense option that does its job well.

Warrior Creatine: The Price

In my honest opinion, the pricing for Warrior Creatine is beyond just fair – it’s a bona fide steal!

You’re shelling out a meagre £15, which is an absolute bargain when you consider that you’re getting 60 servings in every tub. 

That’s a wealth of health for less than the price of a round at the pub! It’s so incredibly reasonable that it almost feels like you’re robbing the company. 

The financial commitment is practically negligible, especially when measured against the sensational results this creatine offers. 

After all, what price can one truly place on those transformational gains in strength and stamina? 

The cost of Warrior Creatine, I would argue, is far overshadowed by its exceptional value. It’s as if you’re making an investment in your own performance, and the returns are simply astounding! 

This, my friends, is a winning product for any fitness fanatic like me and you.

What Does Creatine Do?

Back of Warrior Creatine tub showing the ingredients

Having been a fitness professional for a good number of years now, I’ve seen creatine ascend the ranks to become one of the most sought-after supplements in the fitness world. 

In my personal opinion, creatine is the secret weapon every gym enthusiast, bodybuilder, or athlete should have in their arsenal. 

But what exactly does creatine do, you might ask? 

Well, let me put it simply – creatine is your best mate when it comes to providing that extra bit of power needed to push through a rigorous workout. 

It primarily works by helping your muscles produce more energy during high-intensity workouts, thus allowing you to perform better and recover faster.

Benefits of using creatine:

  • Increased workout performance: Creatine is essentially a fuel source for your muscles. In my experience, it’s like a nitrous boost for your engine. It helps your body produce more ATP, which in turn provides you with more energy during workouts, helping you perform better.
  • Speedier recovery: In the aftermath of a tough workout, creatine really shines. It’s your cup of tea and a comfy couch after a hard day’s work. It assists in reducing muscle cell damage and inflammation, promoting faster recovery.
  • Boosts muscle growth: If you’re looking to put on some quality muscle mass, then creatine is a reliable comrade. It aids in increasing your body’s protein synthesis rate, thereby promoting muscle growth.
  • Enhanced brain function: Creatine isn’t just for your muscles; it’s also a bit of a brain booster. It supports overall brain health and has been associated with improved cognition and memory.
  • Improved endurance: Creatine has the potential to be a marathon runner’s secret weapon. It helps delay the onset of fatigue, allowing you to push harder and longer in your workouts or races.

In short, from my perspective, creatine is a true warrior in the realm of fitness supplements, deserving of the recognition it’s garnered over the years.

Who’s Warrior Creatine For?

“Who’s Warrior Creatine for?” is a question I often get asked, and in my opinion, it’s not just for the burly blokes down at the local gym. 

This gem of a supplement has a lot more to offer than just pumping up your muscles.

It’s like the unsung hero in the world of fitness – ever reliable, often overlooked, but bloody brilliant once you recognise its potential.

Now, let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Gym enthusiasts: First and foremost, yes, your classic gym-goer will reap benefits from this product. It helps increase muscle mass, improve strength and let me tell you; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of nailing a new personal best because you’ve got that extra bit of creatine fuel in your tank.
  • Endurance Athletes: It isn’t just for the weightlifters though. Marathoners, cyclists, swimmers, and other endurance athletes can also benefit from Warrior Creatine. It helps in faster recovery and replenishment of energy stores, which is bloody crucial when you’re pushing your body to the limits.
  • Ageing Population: Don’t rule out our older mates either! As we age, our muscle mass tends to decline. A bit of Warrior Creatine can help combat this, supporting overall muscle health and, in my view, potentially improving quality of life.
  • Vegetarians and Vegans: You might be surprised to hear that our plant-based pals can benefit hugely from this supplement. Creatine is typically found in meat, so vegetarians and vegans might not get enough from their diet. Supplementing with Warrior Creatine can help fill in the nutritional gap, boosting energy levels and cognitive function.

So there you have it, folks. Warrior Creatine isn’t just for the bodybuilding behemoths; it’s a versatile ally that can benefit a wide variety of people, from your marathon-running mate to your vegetarian nan.


In summing up, I can’t help but be truly impressed by Warrior Creatine.

This supplement isn’t just about enhancing strength and stamina, which it did phenomenally for me, but it also has an excellent taste that stands out in the supplement market.

It mixes superbly well, leaving no unsettling clumps or residue.

The noticeable increase in my overall strength within just a week of regular usage was a pleasant surprise, and the pure, high-quality formulation further emphasises its effectiveness.

Despite its simplistic packaging, the substantial benefits of Warrior Creatine make it an invaluable addition to any fitness regimen.

Couple this top-quality product with a sensible price tag, and you’ve got a supplement that’s a genuine game-changer.

The flavours are a little ‘out there’. So if you prefer your flavours toned down you’d need to go for their cheaper flavourless option or look to another brand.

Remember, Warrior Creatine isn’t a magic bullet but rather a trusty ally on your fitness journey when combined with consistent workouts and a balanced diet.

If you’re ready to level up your performance and savour a great-tasting supplement at the same time, click the button below and buy Warrior Creatine today. 

Believe me, you won’t regret this decision!

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