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Warrior Pump Pre-Workout Review

Warrior Pump

8 out of 10
Warrior Pump pre-workout front of tub

Warrior Pump Pre-Workout is a fitness supplement designed to enhance energy, focus, and endurance, promoting optimal performance during high-intensity workouts and boosting muscle pump and vascularity.

7 out of 10
Nice but not to everyone's liking.
9 out of 10
Mixed well.
8 out of 10
Good choice of options.
8 out of 10
Comparable to other market options.


Great tasting

Good flavour range

Mixes well

Decent price


No subtle flavour options

If you’re like me, always seeking to maximize your workouts, you’ll know the search for the perfect pre-workout can be relentless. Well, that journey led me to Warrior Pump.

This pre-workout has been buzzing around the fitness community, promising an unrivalled boost to our workout routines. As someone who lives and breathes fitness, I felt compelled to put it through its paces and share my experiences.

So here it is, an in-depth, no-nonsense review of the Warrior Pump Pre Workout. This isn’t a marketing gimmick; it’s my personal take on the product. After all, your pursuit of an effective pre-workout might just end here.

Sit tight, grab a glass of water, and let’s delve into the details of Warrior Pump. It’s time to find out if it’s the game-changer it promises to be.

Stay with me; it’s going to be an insightful ride.

Video Review

Pushed for time or too tired to read through? Check out our quick video review that rounds up the key takeaways.

Warrior Pump Pre-Workout: My Initial Thoughts

Warrior Pump pre-workout front of tub

At first glance, Warrior Pump Pre Workout has certainly caught my attention. With a wallet-friendly price point of £14.99 for 30 servings, it’s hard not to be intrigued. 

Its affordability gives it a considerable edge, especially considering how rapidly it sells out. The prompt delivery only added to my initial positive impression; I appreciate the efficiency, a few days post-order, and it was in my hands. 

The packaging, although compact, was sleek, imparting a sense of quality that immediately whetted my appetite for what lay within. If you’re space-conscious, like me, you’ll appreciate the compactness as it won’t crowd your cupboards.

My prior experience with Warrior’s Creatine was memorable, which heightened my anticipation for this pre-workout. 

Can this product deliver on the promise its first impression suggests? One can only hope. But initial impressions? They’re certainly favourable.

What Does Warrior Pump Pre-Workout Mix Like?

Warrior Pump pre-workout inside tub

From the off, I was taken aback by the potent and tantalising smell of the Warrior Pump Pre-Workout Mix. 

The heady aroma of strawberry and kiwi hits you, and it smells utterly delightful, akin to a refreshing summer cocktail. 

Upon mixing a scoop with water, the vibrancy of the red colour is rather striking but not altogether surprising, given that Warrior’s vivid colouration is somewhat of a trademark, especially in their creatine range.

A word of caution, though, it doesn’t take kindly to being mixed in a regular glass. 

My first attempt was met with a less-than-satisfying result, with clumps of powder stubbornly refusing to dissolve. 

Shifting to my trusty shaker, however, worked like a charm, and the mixture turned out smooth, albeit with a hint of grittiness lingering at the bottom, perhaps a result of my slightly lacklustre shaking technique.

All in all, it’s a pre-workout mix that packs a punch both visually and in terms of flavour, looking much like a superhero’s power potion and leaving you feeling pumped and ready to tackle even the most gruelling back session.

Warrior Pump Pre-Workout: The Taste

Warrior Pump pre-workout side of tub

Upon the first sniff of Warrior Pump Pre-Workout, it evoked a sense of delight, with its enticing aroma captivating my senses. 

A blend of Strawberry and kiwi, it surely is a tasteful ride that’s second to none in my exhaustive list of tried and tested pre-workouts. 

Now, the texture does bring a slight gritty factor to the table, nothing a quick glug can’t get past, though. It’s a minor hitch, far overshadowed by the subsequent rush as I powered through my gym session

Do take heed; if your palate leans more towards milder flavours, this might be a bit much. 

However, for those like me, who crave a taste sensation akin to a full-on fiesta in the mouth, then Warrior Pump is just the ticket. 

It’s not just a pre-workout; it’s an experience, offering a taste that truly resonates with the promise of an amplified pump.

Warrior Pump Pre-Workout: Flavours

When it comes to the flavour of Warrior Pump Pre Workout, I’ve found that even though the selection of flavours isn’t vast, the ones they do offer are simply a treat. 

My personal go-to is the Strawberry and Kiwi – a refreshing and invigorating combo that gets me prepped and raring for a session at the gym. 

Now, I must mention my training partner, who’s become quite the fan of the Cola Cube flavour. From his hearty endorsement, I gather it’s not just a nostalgic throwback but also a truly delectable pick-me-up. 

As for the Bubble Gum, well, curiosity is starting to get the better of me – it might just be the next addition to my gym bag. So while the flavour variety might seem a tad limited on the surface, it doesn’t skimp on taste, making the overall experience quite satisfying.

Is Warrior Pump Pre-Workout Good?

Warrior Pump pre-workout ingredients on the side of tub

In my personal opinion, Warrior Pump pre-workout is indeed a brilliant option. I’ve used it during my training sessions and the difference it makes is rather remarkable. 

My arms and back definitely experience a more noticeable pump, something that any gym enthusiast is bound to appreciate. 

Now, I can’t conclusively say whether this enhancement is psychological, a sort of placebo effect, or purely physical – but honestly, the result is so positive I hardly care.

A huge selling point for me is the fact that Warrior Pump is stimulant-free, which means no shaky, caffeine-induced side effects. 

This feature makes it a perfect choice for those late evening sessions where you still want to power through your workout but don’t fancy being kept up all night because of an unwelcome caffeine hit.

When it comes to flavour, cost, and mixability, Warrior Pump ticks all the right boxes, making it an excellent value for money. 

So, in my book, this is absolutely one of the finest stimulant-free pre-workouts available on the market today. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to fellow gym-goers seeking to boost their workout routine.

Pre-Workout FAQ

What is pre-workout and why should I consider taking it?

Pre-workout is a dietary supplement often used by athletes and gym-goers to enhance athletic performance, increase energy, endurance, and stamina during a workout.

If you’re seeking a more intense, focused, and energetic training session, pre-workout could be a great option.

What is the best time to take my pre-workout supplement?

Typically, pre-workout should be consumed 20-30 minutes before your workout begins. However, each product may vary, so always check the instructions on the label.

Is a pre-workout supplement safe for everyone?

Most healthy adults can safely use pre-workout supplements. However, those with specific health conditions, pregnant women, or individuals on certain medications should consult a healthcare professional before use.

Will using pre-workout supplements help with weight loss?

While pre-workouts can boost your exercise performance and potentially increase calorie burn, they’re not magic pills for weight loss. A balanced diet and consistent exercise routine are key for healthy weight loss.

Can I take pre-workout on non-training days?

Pre-workout is designed to be taken prior to physical exercise. Therefore, it’s generally not necessary to take on non-training days. However, some people might take it on off days for its other potential benefits like improved focus.

Warrior Pump Pre-Workout: Summary

In summary, my time with Warrior Pump Pre-Workout has been a winning experience. Its cost-effectiveness hits the mark, making it a worthy addition to any fitness routine

I found the taste pleasant, an important consideration when it’s something you’ll be taking frequently. The pump it gives is appreciable, giving that sought-after edge to my workouts.

But what truly distinguishes Warrior Pump from its competitors, in my eyes, is its caffeine-free composition. It means I can use it for those late-night sessions without having to endure sleepless hours afterwards – a problem all too familiar with most pre-workouts.

To conclude, it’s a fantastic product. It serves as a reliable companion for those who, like me, chase after fitness goals. 

Click the button below to secure your tub of Warrior Pump Pre-Workout. 

It’s a small investment in your health that I wholeheartedly believe is worth it. No fluff, just the facts. Your workouts will thank you for it.

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