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Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape Review

Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Tape

8.8 out of 10

Gravity Fitness Anti-Sweat Grip Tape is an accessory for fitness equipment that enhances grip and reduces slippage caused by perspiration. This adhesive tape is designed for use on items like barbells, pull up bars or gym rings, making workouts safer and more effective.

Grip Performance and Traction
9 out of 10
Greatly extended my hang times.
Sweat Resistance Efficiency
9 out of 10
Provides stronger grip with damp hands.
Adhesive Strength and Durability
7 out of 10
Strong but can fray around edges.
10 out of 10
Extremely cheap.


Significantly increases grip

Good amount of product

Low cost

Looks great


Can fray around cuts

If you’re anything like me, then you know the essential role a solid grip plays in our workouts. 

But let’s be honest, sweaty palms and metal bars are rarely the best of friends, are they? 

This is where my latest find comes in – the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape. After putting it through its paces, I’m ready to share my thoughts in this comprehensive review.

Wave goodbye to chalk and other grip aids, the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape is here.

Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape – My Initial Thoughts

Gravity Fitness grip tape in its packaging.

Over the past few months I’ve been using my Gravity Fitness Pull Up Rack daily. However, I find my hands become super sweaty and my grip isn’t as good as it should be. 

Sure, I adore my Gravity Fitness Pull Up Frame – it’s a sturdy piece of kit that’s been a great addition to my home gym. But, there was just one problem – my grip isn’t up to scratch. 

My hands, like traitors, would slip at the most inopportune times, turning my workouts into a farce.

I’m also on a quest to beat my dead hang record and sadly it’s usually my hands that give way before anything else.

So, in the quest to conquer this slipping issue, I turned to the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape.

Then came the fiasco – a comedy of errors that resulted in my precious grip tape being lost in transit. Typical, eh?

I still remember the anticipation as I watched the delivery van pull up outside my house, only for the driver to rummage in the back for ten minutes and then drive away. It was like watching a slow-motion film of my dreams being dashed. I was gutted.

But never fear, for Gravity Fitness’s customer support was here! 

It was nothing short of fantastic. They responded quickly, dealt with the issue professionally, and before I knew it, another roll was winging its way to me. Now that’s what I call service.

In my hands at last, the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape was a compact little dynamo. Easy to apply, it moulded seamlessly around my various pieces of kit – from my dip bars and parallettes to my Olympic rings and much-loved pull-up frame. 

It was as if it was whispering to my palms, “Hold on, mate, I’ve got you covered.”

And the design – now that’s the cherry on top. Far from the bland, often insipid options you find cluttering the market, this grip tape has some swagger. 

It’s a small thing, but aesthetics matter, and Gravity Fitness clearly understands that. But don’t take my word for it. Keep reading, and you’ll understand why I’ve become such a staunch advocate for this humble roll of tape.

Using the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape

Gravity Fitness grip tape open roll.

From the first time I used Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape, I knew it was more than just another accessory in my gym bag. It provided a secure grip that reduced my hand slipping and significantly extended my dead hang duration. 

Of course, it’s important to note that the increased bar thickness, due to the added tape, might be a slight hindrance to grip for some, myself included. Nevertheless, the overall benefits are undeniable.

The tape has been an absolute game-changer for my wife, taking her dead hang time from a respectable 20 seconds to an impressive 82 seconds – a transformative improvement! If she keeps this up, she’ll soon be putting my efforts to shame. 

It’s fantastic to see such a simple product make such a difference in our workout routines.

Interestingly, while I find the tape incredibly useful, I must confess that I favour its application on the parallettes as opposed to the Gravity Fitness pull-up frame. 

There’s something about the texture and firm grip it provides on the parallettes that just feels right to me. 

Of course, this is merely my personal preference and by no means a shortcoming of the product. All in all, the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape has proven to be an invaluable addition to our fitness regimen.

Is The Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape Expensive?

Gravity Fitness Grip Tape packaging.

‘Is The Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape Expensive?’ you may ask. In my humble opinion, the answer is an emphatic ‘no’. 

Priced at a mere £6 per roll, it’s an absolute bargain when you consider the high-quality performance and sheer versatility of this product. 

Personally, I’d recommend investing in a few rolls of the grip tape for good measure.

Even though one roll offers plenty of tape, it’s rather comforting to have a spare one on hand.

Over time I have noticed some very very minor fraying of the edges where I cut the tape. Place it well on your equipment and you shouldn’t have an issue but I do suspect in a year or so I’ll need to reapply it.

Gravity Fitness Grip Tape side of roll.

Thankfully, Gravity Fitness gives you an ample supply and for £5.99 it wouldn’t break the bank to re-order if you eventually run out.

How Does It Feel?

Gravity Fitness Grip Tape on a pull up bar.

As an avid gym-goer, I’ve found Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape to be a must-have item in my fitness routine. 

The moment you hold it, its compact and lightweight nature becomes apparent – it’s like having a fitness ally that fits right into your pocket.

What struck me the most, however, was the undeniable quality that Gravity Fitness is renowned for, and this grip tape is no exception.

Wrapping it around my pull-up bar, I immediately noticed an improvement in my grip. The steel bar transformed from a daunting, slippery challenge to a manageable, grippable task.

The best part? No chalk dusting, which means no more extensive clean-ups post-workout.

The grip tape’s hypoallergenic feature is a boon for someone like me who has sensitive skin. It didn’t just prevent blisters, it completely revolutionised the way I work out.

The heavy lifts seemed more manageable and my movements felt cleaner and more precise. It was as though my confidence had been given a significant boost along with my performance.

Gravity Fitness grip tape close up shot on a pull up rack.

Even better, the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape transitioned seamlessly from acting as a grip enhancer to a handy piece of kinesiology tape. 

The comfort and flexibility it offered was simply unparalleled. This versatile grip tape has now become an integral part of my workouts, from Olympic lifting to callisthenics, it’s always there to ensure I maintain a solid grip on my fitness goals.

All in all, I can’t imagine my gym bag without the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape anymore. It’s not just a product; it’s my go-to fitness companion.

For those who are serious about their training and want to give their best performance, Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape is, without doubt, an absolute must-have.

Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape: Other Uses

Stepping away from the standard functionality, one intriguing use of the Gravity Fitness Grip Tape is as a form of kinesiology tape. 

For those not in the know, kinesiology is a holistic approach to fitness based around the mechanics of the body. 

This branch of science examines how muscles move and work, and when applied to sports, it aids in understanding how to optimise performance, prevent injuries and promote better posture. 

When I first trialled using the Gravity Fitness Grip Tape as kinesiology tape, I was admittedly sceptical. 

Yet, this product impressed me with its flexibility and durability. 

I found it effortlessly conformed to my skin, holding its place even during the most vigorous workouts. 

It’s quite impressive when your tape can handle the strain of a heavy deadlift or an intensive CrossFit WOD! 

As for my training partner, they noted a similar level of satisfaction. They found the tape provided not just additional grip but also an improved level of support. 

Moreover, the hypoallergenic material was a boon for them, given their sensitive skin. This added feature is certainly a noteworthy aspect of the Gravity Fitness Grip Tape – it’s not just a grip enhancer, but also a fitness tool, able to support the body in more ways than one.

In Final Analysis

In conclusion, the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape is an absolute game-changer for gym enthusiasts like you and me. It’s a highly worthwhile addition to any gym bag, given its remarkable versatility and unbeatable affordability. 

Whether you’re performing pull-ups, weighted dips, or training on parallettes or rings, this grip tape has got your back. It lets you concentrate on the muscles you’re targeting, without ever having to worry about your grip failing. 

The grip tape’s quality, despite its low price, is truly exceptional, a testament to Gravity Fitness’ commitment to delivering top-notch fitness products.

A very minor niggle was it does fray a little around the edges where you’ve cut it but good placement on your equipment will mitigate this. You also get a lengthy roll so can reapply if it starts to come away.

I and others who tried it found it greatly improved our grip allowing extended times on exercises such as dead hangs.

In fact, so much so that most of our testing panel were able to take their dead hangs from the 20-40 second range well into the 50-80 second range merely by using the tape.

If you’re serious about improving your workouts, enhancing your lifts, and refining your movements, don’t hesitate.

If you find your grip or hands giving way before other muscles then this will be a game changer for you.

Get your hands on the Gravity Fitness Anti Sweat Grip Tape today and start noticing the difference in your training immediately.

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